Who we are & What We Believe

Armour Heights Presbyterian Church was established in 1951, and was part of the post-war boom in new church development that marks that period in Canada and in the Toronto area. The congregation continued to make a meaningful impact in the Armour Heights geographical community and beyond, and provided spiritual community and inner growth for many over the years.   

In 1998, the congregation of Melrose Park Presbyterian Church amalgamated with Armour Heights Church, and as a result, new members were added and new ministries were established. In August 2017, Harris Athanasiadis was called as the new minister and in August 2018, Rebecca Jess joined the ministry team. A new era for the congregation has begun.  


By Dr. Harris

1. I believe that I am created by God, full of goodness and beauty.   

2. I believe that despite the goodness and beauty in me, I make mistakes in my behaviour and carry imperfections in my heart toward others, toward myself, toward life, toward the earth, and toward God.   

3. I believe that I am forgiven and loved by God, despite it all.   

4. I believe that I must learn how to forgive and love others, myself, life, this earth and God the way I am forgiven and loved.   

5. I believe the God described above is revealed and embodied most fully in Jesus – in what he teaches, how he lives and the way he dies. I also believe that Jesus is raised from the dead and that his Spirit, the Holy Spirit, is a life-giving energy working in me and in others to inspire the kind of faith, hope and love that can truly transform the world.   

6. I believe the God revealed and embodied in Jesus the risen Christ and active in the world as Holy Spirit, can most fully inspire in me faith, hope and love when I am being grounded and nurtured in fellowship with others in Christian community.   


By Dr. Harris  

O God, who is sacred & loving parent to us, who surrounds us in all the spaces we inhabit now and eternally, may we honour you in all we think, say and do.   

May your heaven infiltrate our world and may we become your agents of change.   

Give us what we need to live well daily for our bodies as much as our minds and spirits, and give us what we need when our bodies and minds fail us.   

Awaken us to our need for your forgiveness and the forgiveness of others. Open us to forgive others as you are always forgiving us.    

Protect us from our worst temptations and fears, and save us when the consequences of bad choices and circumstances beyond our control overwhelm us.   

For to you belongs the highest wisdom, the deepest inspiration, and the greatest power to liberate, heal and save, now and forever; Amen.    


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