At Armour Heights, we believe spiritual formation must be a family affair. We offer opportunities for Christian education and spiritual development for all ages which includes bible study, book study, book club and a church school curriculum and program that are unique and cutting edge. We also organize intergenerational gatherings at various times of the year. Our goal is to help form a deep consciousness of life as a journey with God above us, Christ beside us and the Holy Spirit within us. Developing this spiritual consciousness requires learning the scriptures and various spiritual practices that can integrate and internalize the learning in life-changing ways.  It also involves engaging the world around us as servants of Christ and witnesses of his justice and love.

We have staff and volunteers trained and dedicated to work with each age and all ages together. We also welcome new ideas and facilitate new initiatives. For more info and more details, please contact us.



At Armour Heights, we believe that pastoral care and health are not just about the spirit, but about the body and mind also. Our holistic approach to health has led us to create a team of volunteers with multiple pastoral and nursing gifts. Besides one on one visits,  counselling and support in hospital or at home, we also offer various programs and events aimed at sustaining and improving health through activity, education and friendship in community. Most recently, we have also begun a partnership with Mosaic to provide expert consultation to seniors and their families seeking guidance in times of transition due to changing health realities.

For more info and details please contact us.



At Armour Heights we believe building community has to be an intentional initiative welcoming ideas and participation. Besides larger events like a Christmas Bazaar and a Rummage Sale that require broad participation, there are smaller events that focus more specifically on social, educational and spiritual goals. Money raised through our events are geared to various projects around the world, specific needs of the church and support for our mission partners in the city which house, feed and counsel the homeless (Portland Place & Evangel Hall), women caught up in the sex-trade looking to develop other life options (ARISE),  children needing summer camp on site (CYOB) or up north (Cairn), and more. Such “ministry” also offers an opportunity for wider involvement by members and friends of the congregation to cultivate a rich and meaningful spiritual life. Contact us for more info.  



Mission and outreach are things we do, but also practices to help us grow at every age and stage of life. Whether we are sewers who make quilts for those shut-in at home, sick in hospital, or babies baptized; whether we are youth doing research, raising money and travelling to different parts of the world or an indigenous reserve to learn, serve and give; whether we are children learning about God’s love by making cards for people who are sick and feeling isolated, we are always doing mission and outreach as the hands, feet and heart of Christ in the world. We welcome ideas and initiatives and we like to support new directions. We have generous resources and a willingness to get invested and involved. Come check us out and see for yourself.