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Associate Minister / Director in Christian Outreach & Education

Armour Heights Presbyterian Church is a vibrant community of faith. We are seeking a collaborative and creative congregational leader to join our ministry team as Associate Minister / Director in Christian Outreach & Education.

Our Position Description outlines areas of focus for this position and gifts we are seeking for desired candidates.

Could God be calling you? To respond, send us your resume and a statement of faith, and tell us why you are the right person to fulfil this position.


Interim Moderator: Rev Deborah Rapport, RevDebRapport@gmail.com

Please respond by February 28, 2018

Position Description

Armour Heights Presbyterian Church is seeking a collaborative and creative congregational leader to join our ministry team, with the following particular areas of focus in our shared ministry:

  1. Engaging the younger generation (children, youth, young adults and their parents) within the congregation and from the larger community around the church.

  2. Working in partnership with the ministry team to continue to integrate the younger generation into the life of the congregation and to build intergenerational community.

  3. Developing mission opportunities through partnerships with complementary community agencies, and missional outreach to the broader church and community.

  4. Taking leadership in developing inclusive intergenerational worship, activities and events, both within the congregation and as outreach within the broader community.

The ability to preach and to administer the sacraments is an asset.

The successful candidate will possess the following skill sets / talents / gifts: 

  • Proven leadership and ability to build relationships, particularly with the younger generations
  • Ability to share an understanding of Christian faith with all age groups, and to hold and encourage engaging and accessible conversations about faith
  • Experience with developing inspiring worship that includes others in leadership and in ways that promote growth in their spirituality and faith
  • Ability to engage the faith of others through drama and music
  • Commitment to lead while collaborating in a team with other ministry staff and other congregational leaders
  • Experience in developing, initiating, and sustaining programs
  • Capacity to build energy and community around one’s own leadership
  • Flexibility, adaptability, creativity, resourcefulness and initiative to lead within a shared ministry
  • Commitment to personal spiritual growth

To fill this full-time position Armour Heights is seeking an ordained minister, a minister able to be ordained, a diaconal minister, or a person with equivalent training and experience in a faith community.

31 January 2018

Congregational Profile / 2017 Annual Report

Parish Nurse

The Parish Nurse manages the programs of Health Ministry, and reports to the Health Ministry Board.

The Parish Nurse will have a collegial, collaborative working relationship with the Ministers and other staff of the congregation. The Parish Nurse will work with the Ministers to establish such day to day details as:

  • Responsibilities in the Health Ministry
  • Ongoing and congregational communications
  • Teamwork and working styles
  • Professional needs
  • Administrative policies

The Parish Nurse will be hired as a contract position and must show proof of Ontario registration and Have RNAO liability insurance. The nurse is covered under the Church’s liability insurance for any injuries, damage incurred while on Church property or during the performance of Church related/sanctioned activities. Professionally the nurse is accountable to the College of Nurses of Ontario, and must register annually with the College. A photocopy of the registration is required.

The Parish Nurse will serve as a professional nurse and staff member of Armour Heights Presbyterian Church Working with the Session, its appointed Health Ministry Board and the minister(s) to establish holistic health measures that actively engage the congregation and reach out to the community.


1. Plays a highly visible role in the life of the church and community in the following capacities:

a. Health Educator; teaches or arranges leadership for various educational programs on a wide variety of health and faith related topics relevant to the congregation and community

b. Personal Health Counsellor: counsel on church site as well as when visiting the sick, home-bound, bereaved, those experiencing emotional problems and their families at home , hospital or other institution

c. Liaison and Referral Agent: Assesses spiritual and health needs making appropriate referrals when necessary i.e. To the minister, physician and/or community support services

d. In partnership works with the minister in developing pastoral volunteers within the congregation

e. Health Advocate: guides people in accessing and navigating their way through the complex health system, ensuring smooth transition from one setting to the other

f. Facilitator and Promoter of Faith Health Awareness: helps people with their understanding and application of how faith is linked with health in their own lives and communicates this concept through a newsletter and other media

2. Maintains confidential records and documentation for professional use and program evaluation.