SCRIPTURE READING FOR NEXT SUNDAY MARCH 22: John 9: 1-41. Where in our lives have we been blind? How have we come to see more clearly? Where may there yet be blindness in our lives now?

 WHY DO WE DO IT IN WORSHIP?  Anthems and Solos. Music can communicate what words often cannot. Words added to music can communicate what words on their own cannot. The power of combining words and music in worship is immense. Anthems and solos in worship are intended to complement the overall theme of worship and the experience of “God” in worship. We are very fortunate in this congregation to have a choir and program that takes music so seriously and the sacred power of music so seriously. How important is the musical component of worship in your worship experience?


LOOKING FOR SCRIPTURE READERS: Whether you are a seasoned reader or would like to give it a try, please speak to Dr. Harris, Rev. Rebecca or Erin or sign up on the sheet at the back of the sanctuary. We need you!  

GREETERS: Interested in becoming a greeter? Speak to Susan Murray or Erin Stone for details.

CYOB: We're excited to announce that registration for CYOB (Camp in Your Own Backyard) is now available online! Be sure to mark off June 29 - July 3 on your calendars for a week of fun, creativity, adventure, faith, and great camp activities led by staff from the Cairn Family of Camps and Armour Heights Church. We are also excited to offer the special role of Jr. Counsellors for youth who are interested in helping to make the camp magic happen! For more information, CLICK HERE!

HOW CAN I HELP SUPPORT COFFEE HOUR? Whether you, host, help clean-up, provide food or baking, or even consider sponsoring a coffee hour, ALL help is welcome! We invite you to consider taking part in this fellowship opportunity as an individual, family or team! The sign-up sheet for coffee hour can now be found on the sign-up board in Scott Duncan Hall. For more information on what it means to host or sponsor a coffee hour, please speak to Barbara Thomas for more information. Thank you your consideration and support!

MILK BAG COLLECTION: Thank you for your great response to the milk bag collection. We have collected 933 milk bags so far. Please place your donations in the pink box beside the food collection box in the front hall. All brands of milk bags are welcome.

LITERARY SOCIETY: Need something to do on the long dark nights of winter? Join us once a month to discuss Current best sellers and books of note. We meet on Tuesdays, once each month, in the Friendship Room at 7:30pm. Our current listings are:

April 21 - Becoming by Michelle Obama

May 26 - Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne

June 16 - Pianist from Syria by Emanuel Bergmann

SAVE THE DATE!: We are excited to announce that the date for our upcoming Rummage Sale is May 2nd and our Christmas Bazaar will be on November 14th. Please mark your calendars for these exciting events! If you are interested in getting involved these or any other “FUN”draising opportunities, please speak to any of the members of the Board of Managers or Erin Stone.

BBQ AT EVANGEL HALL – The annual EHM BBQ is booked for June 21st 2020. Mark your calendars!