WHY DO WE DO IT IN WORSHIP? OFFERING. What are our life values, priorities and goals? How does our Christian faith and worship shape those values, priorities and goals? How is all this reflected in our use of money? The offering in worship serves the practical purpose of collecting funds for the church’s ministry. But incorporating the offering in worship also expresses the belief that all we have and all we do should have a sacred purpose and be recognized as such. Giving toward sacred purposes is a confession that whatever we have belongs ultimately to God even as we choose how to direct its use. How important is the offering time as a part of your worship experience?

STUDY LEAVE:  Dr. Harris will return from his study leave this coming week.  His focus has been  1) a paper for a symposium at McGill University this fall to be then published as a chapter in a book; 2) in-depth reading on the biblical book of Job exploring the questioning of divine love and justice in the face of human suffering.

WINTER STUDY: It’s a part of our lives and it confronts us in every news broadcast – human suffering. We suffer losses, live with chronic conditions, carry helplessness, fear and stress about how we will cope. What difference does it make that we reach out to “God”? Are there ways to understand and engage suffering that can make a meaningful difference in our lives? The biblical book of Job raises all these questions and more, and provides some ancient wisdom powerfully relevant to human living today. From visual art, plays, novels, philosophy, psychology, music and more, Job has inspired seekers and sufferers in search of deeper answers for thousands of years. We begin a study of this book on Thursday, January 31, 10:15am-11:30am in the Friendship Room. Study Notes will also be provided and posted online. Speak to Dr. Harris for more info. (see poster at the bottom of page)

BOOK CLUB: Acerbic, funny, tender, sorrowful and wise, Women Talking is composed of equal parts humane love and deep anger. It is award-winning writer Miriam Toews' most astonishing novel to date, containing within its two short days and hayloft setting an expansive, timeless universe of thinking and feeling about women--and men--in our contemporary world. We will gather on Sunday, January 27, 12:15pm for lunch and discussion in the Friendship Room. For more info, speak to Gillian MacCausland.

COMMUNITY CAFÉ: is a pilot project organized by our Health Ministry Team and Mosaic Community Resource Centre. Mosaic will provide a facilitator and Armour Heights will host. This is an opportunity for seniors to gather, share, listen and engage in various topics of broad interest. Unlike our lunch and learn events which are more focussed on listening, community café is intended to include more engaged participation to exercise the mind and spirit toward greater health long term. Topics will be announced each month. Our first Community Café will be held Tuesday, January 29, 10am-11:30am. Speak to Barbara Thomas, Sharon Fisher, Debbie King or Dr. Harris for more details.

INTERGENERATIONAL GAMES NIGHT: Join us Friday February 8 from 6:00pm-8:00pm for an all ages dinner and games night. Come enjoy great food, play some of your favourite games and maybe even try out some new games all in the spirit of friendly competition and fun! If you would like to get involved and help out in anyway, please speak to Rev. Rebecca. Stay tuned for more details. 


CHAIR YOGA DANCE: Amour Heights is pleased to present “CHAIR YOGA DANCE” on February 12. This special Lunch & Learn sponsored by MOSAIC will include a guided Yoga session by Leslie White at 11:45am and a time of fellowship and lunch at 12:30pm. For more information and to sign-up, please check out the poster and sign-up sheet located in Scott Duncan Hall. 

COMMUNICANT GROUP MEETING: Sunday, January 20 at 12:30pm, the Communicant group from last spring will meet for continued discussion and conversation. Lunch will be provided ahead of time in Scott Duncan Hall, after which we will meet in the Friendship Room.