SCRIPTURE FOR NEXT SUNDAY:  Mark 1: 1-15. What’s the difference between John’s message and that of Jesus? Clue: Do you repent (confess a fault, seek to address the wrong and change direction) out of fear (of punishment or liability or damnation) or shame, or does genuine repentance live itself out in us as we experience grace? Our focus will be “Orange Shirt day”, the legacy of residential schools, and the new path of reconciliation we are called to live out. 

BOOK CLUB: Is starting up again. Come join us Tuesday, September 25, 7:30pm, as we discuss books we will read going forward. Your thoughts and ideas will shape our direction. For more info speak to Gillian MacCausland.

SPIRIT, MIND, BODY: Too often we focus on spirit and mind in church and neglect the body. But not at Armour Heights Church. Our Health Ministry Board sponsors an exercise group (Mondays 10:30am, Wednesdays 11:15am), and coming in October will be a weekly “Qi Gong” class (grounding the body in the flow of movement and breathe). More details to come and more to come. Stay Tuned.

COMING WEDNESDAY NIGHTS THIS FALL: What happened to early Christians in that first generation after Jesus is no longer among them in the flesh? How did they find faith, hope and love as individuals, families and communities of faith in the midst of social pressures from without and conflict from within? How can we find inspiration and wisdom through their experiences for living in our world today as Christians? Beginning September 26, 7:30pm, we embark on a journey through the biblical book “The Acts of the Apostles,” reflecting on the unique historical, cultural and political context of that era, and discovering insight for our own living here and now. Discussion is informal, and written notes are available weekly. Speak to Dr. Harris for more info.

ORANGE SHIRT DAY SUNDAY: is on September 30. This date is chosen because it’s the time of year in which indigenous children were taken from their homes to residential schools. The focus of Orange shirt day is anti-racism and anti-bullying, something completely in sync with the gospel of Jesus. But why orange? Phyllis Webstad was six years old in 1973. Her grandmother bought her a beautiful bright orange shirt to encourage her as she went to the Christian mission school. But Phyllis, like other children, were stripped of their clothes and forced to wear the clothes the school provided. This represented the many ways the children were mistreated and made to feel worthless. By reclaiming orange we are fighting the kind of racism and bullying that not only afflicted Phyllis and other indigenous children years ago, but continues to afflict children today. To participate, you can find something orange to wear or carry on Sunday, September 30 and join us for worship.

LUNCH OUTING: Join us on Sunday, October 14, 12:45pm for our next dining adventure at Peking Man. This Chinese restaurant is located at Sheppard and Leslie and you can visit the restaurant website at Please feel free to invite a friend! For more information, please email or speak to Linda Grant:

LUNCH AND LEARN: On Tuesday, October 16, come join us for a great lunch and a great presentation/discussion entitled “Walking through Grief.” It is led by Myrna Talbot, a certified grief counselor. Greif is something relevant for all of us personally and in our accompaniment of others around us. A time to learn, to reflect, to share and to explore ways of journeying that are life-giving. For more info, speak to Carol Louden.

ADVANCE NOTICE!: Our Annual Christmas Bazaar will be held Saturday, November 17 from 10 -3! If you can help in any way please contact. More details to follow.