SCRIPTURE FOR NEXT SUNDAY: 1 Samuel 16-17. This is the story of the rise of David, the greatest king Israel ever had. Jesus the messiah (which means king) is called Son of David. What qualities make a great leader? What are we to emulate when it comes to using power?

WHY DO WE DO IT IN WORSHIP? Prayer of Thanksgiving. Is thanksgiving dependent on whether you can figure out something to be thankful for? Or is it an inner discipline that makes you see, feel and live differently because you practice it with intention. Our Sunday prayers of thanksgiving are intended to inscribe thanksgiving as a regular spiritual practice in our lives. How meaningful is the prayer of thanksgiving in your worship experience?

COFFEE HOUR:  It doesn’t just happen. People volunteer. There is a sign up sheet and of you want to consider trying it out or contributing, speak to Barbara Thomas or ask someone in the kitchen after church for some details. It’s not complicated or onerous, and the appreciation is immense. We also invite you to consider donating to our coffee hour fund. 

HOW: do you deal with conflict among friends or in your workplace? How do you deal with failure? How do you find inspiration, vision and purpose? These are the meta-questions underlying the further developments of the early days of the church. Come join us as we travel with Paul and the early leaders through ACTS 16-18. We gather Wednesday nights, 7:30pm – 8:30pm. Study notes available. Speak to Dr. Harris.


CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM DIALOGUE AND FELLOWSHIP: is what we need in our world a lot more of. A unique opportunity for us at Armour Heights has opened up as the members of the Noor Mosque and Cultural Centre have invited us to join them for worship (shared with Dr. Harris) and food-fellowship following the service. The Noor Centre (123 Wynford Drive, just east of DVP) is totally accessible inside and out, and has lots of free parking. We gather on Friday, November 23, 1pm-3pm: 

1pm-1:25pm (brief welcome/tour) 

1:30pm-2pm (worship/prayer service) 

2pm-3pm (food/fellowship). 

Let Erin or Dr. Harris know that you’d like to come or sign-up on the sheet in Scott Duncan Hall so we have a sense of numbers.

BOOK CLUB: Medicine Walk, by Richard Wagamese. Franklin Starlight is called to visit his father, Eldon. He's sixteen years old and has had the most fleeting of relationships with the man. The rare moments they've shared haunt and trouble Frank, but he answers the call, a son's duty to a father. What ensues is a journey through the rugged and beautiful backcountry, and a journey into the past, as the two men push forward to Eldon's end. From a poverty-stricken childhood, to the Korean War, and later the derelict houses of mill towns, Eldon relates both the desolate moments of his life and a time of redemption and love, and in doing so offers Frank a history he has never known, the father he has never had, and a connection to himself he never expected. 

A novel about love, friendship, courage, and the idea that the land has within it powers of healing, Medicine Walk reveals the ultimate goodness of its characters and offers a deeply moving and redemptive conclusion. Wagamese's writing soars and his insight and compassion are matched by his gift of communicating these to the reader. Join us Sunday, November 25, after church for lunch and discussion.

SUPPORTING SENIORS IN TRANSITION: In the face of aging, illness or unexpected physical and mental changes, many of us need help figuring out what our options are. What support is there via social and medical case management to recognize our unique make up as human beings and what we need to help us transition to the kind of living situation where we have the support and quality of life best for us? At Armour Heights Church we are developing the resources and providing some funding for consultation as part of our health and pastoral ministry for our people. Speak to Barbara Thomas, Dr. Harris or Sharon Fisher for more info.

ENVELOPES: Ricki Anglin will be doing next year’s envelopes and would like to know if any of our new congregation would like to now have envelopes versus visitor envelopes. Or, if you wish to go on PAR, we can issue you an envelope number as well. Please contact Ricki Anglin, your Envelope Steward, or Erin in the office. Many thanks.

DONATING TO THE CHURCH MADE EASY: Our website provides a donation tab that is easy and safe, and you get a receipt you can print immediately. Alternatively, sign up for an automatic withdrawal program with a regular monthly amount you can adjust anytime you decide. Speak to an usher or contact Erin Stone at the church office: 416-485-4000; Thank you in advance for supporting the church and its ministries.

GUATELMALA 2019 FUNDRAISING: In preparation for their mission trip to Guatlemala, the Youth Mission & Leadership group are starting a fundraiser using FundScrip. Through this fundraiser you (and any friends/family who want to partake) will have the opportunity to purchase gift cards from a wide variety of vendors, a percentage of which will go back to the youth. Perfect for just before Christmas! Sales begin this Sunday, November 11, after worship. The deadline for orders is November 25. For more information talk to Theresa, Paige, Jasmine, Nikki, Heather, Sarah, or Rev. Rebecca.