November 19, 2017

A very special thank you to Elsie Powell, Ricki Anglin, Mary-Lynn Dodson and all of the bakers, volunteers, participants and attendees who helped make Saturday’s Christmas Bazaar such a success!

NEW – SCRIPTURE FOR NEXT SUNDAY:  Matthew 25: 31-45. Jesus redefines what it means to be a king and to rule. He redefines the purpose of life and the source of life’s richest bliss.    

WHY DO WE DO IT IN WORSHIP? Sermon. A few hundred years ago, sermons could be one to two hours long and demand a lot of listeners. But people would be riveted with good preaching and come to deep personal encounter with God through the experience. Today, technology is making our world ever more visual. But even more critical, the attention span and listening capacity of the average person is shrinking rapidly. So, do we give up on the sermon and on preaching? Or do preacher and listener work at it so that the capacity to listen to something important in a sustained way and the experience of it develop in richness and depth? We’re trying the latter path here at Armour Heights. What do you think?

NEW – WHY IS IT that insiders, living a life of privilege, comfort and control fail to recognize Jesus and respond to his call, whereas outsiders, living more precariously, carrying the scars of life not going as they wish or choose, respond to him with an overwhelming urgency? What creates a hunger and thirst in us for what Jesus has to offer? We are focusing on Matthew 14-15 this coming Wednesday night 7:30-8:45pm. Study notes are also available. Speak to Harris for more info.     

HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE REAL CHRISTMAS STORY? How well do you know the real meaning of Christmas? You may be surprised at some things. Come join us for an evening of intergenerational fellowship, learning and fun on Friday, December 1. Dinner is at 6pm. You don’t have to bring anything. The food is kid friendly and adult friendly too. There will be a program for children and adults 7-8pm. For more info, speak to Harris.   

REVISED – EVANGEL HALL MISSION:  Armour Heights will be hosting the Tenants Christmas Party at Evangel Hall on December 7. Volunteers are needed to cook turkeys and serve at the hall. If you would like to help out or just would like to make donation to the cost, please see Gillian MacCausland. For more EHM announcements, please see the pink insert.

WE NEED SCRIPTURE READERS!: If you would like to be a reader some Sunday please sign up on the sheet by the front table in the sanctuary.    

 REVISED – FOOD BIN: Next Sunday is our food collection Sunday. Any food you bring is welcome. At the same time, North York Harvest has let us know some of the food items most needed. Here’s the current list: canned fish and meat, canned beans and pulses, canned tomatoes, rice (or even quinoa!) and cooking oil.    

LIVING A HEALTHY LIFE WITH CHRONIC CONDITIONS: Is the theme of our next Lunch and Learn gathering on Tuesday, November 21, 12 noon – 2pm. The theme may be relevant for you or someone you care about. The food is tasty, the hospitality, welcome and décor are beautiful, and the speakers are engaging. Will you join us?   

REVISED COME JOIN OUR BOOK CLUB!: Our next meeting is this coming Tuesday, November 21, 7:30pm in the Friendship Room. The book is: “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” by Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows. For more info speak to Gillian.