SCRIPTURE READING FOR NEXT SUNDAY: Genesis 45: 1-11; Luke 6: 27-36. How does love win, even when it costs you everything?


WHY DO WE DO IT IN WORSHIP? Sermon. At the heart of Presbyterian style worship is the sermon. In an age of visual stimulation does the sermon still work? Is there any benefit developing the learning and discipline of sustained auditory listening and pondering? The challenge of preaching today is to stimulate an internet age easily distractible and debilitated from listening attentively for more than a few minutes at a time. Classic Presbyterian sermons were easily 1 hour in length. And people would remember every word if the sermon was good. Today, 15-20 minutes is a stretch. Through illustration and theological reflection, exegesis of biblical passages, and concrete life application, every minute has to count. How has your listening of sermons developed in your experience of worship?


SKATING & SUPPER: On February 23 from 3-7pm, the Presbytery Youth Committee invites all youth and their families out for an afternoon of skating at Nathan Philips Square followed by supper at St. Andrew's Church on King St. A great way for youth from different churches to get to know one another! See Rev. Rebecca for details and permission forms.


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: Next Sunday, February 24, after worship. An opportunity to learn, reflect, ask questions and ponder vision for Armour Heights Church. We have been blessed in so many ways as a congregation. But we need to ponder our way forward as we build authentic spiritual community in an age of secular individualism, religious pluralism and broad public disillusionment with older traditions and institutions. We will enjoy lunch together, and after lunch, we will constitute ourselves with prayer and presentation. 

WINTER STUDY: It’s a part of our lives and it confronts us in every news broadcast – human suffering. We suffer losses, live with chronic conditions, carry helplessness, fear and stress about how we will cope. What difference does it make that we reach out to “God”? Are there ways to understand and engage suffering that can make a meaningful difference in our lives? The biblical book of Job raises all these questions and more, and provides some ancient wisdom powerfully relevant to human living today. From visual art, plays, novels, philosophy, psychology, music and more, Job has inspired seekers and sufferers in search of deeper answers for thousands of years. We begin a study of this book on Thursday, January 31, 10:15am-11:30am in the Friendship Room. Study Notes will also be provided and posted online. Speak to Dr. Harris for more info. (see poster at the bottom of page)

BOOK CLUB: “Tired of Apologizing for a Church I Don’t Belong To.” When LILLIAN DANIEL apologized to a total stranger for every bad thing that had ever been said or done in the name of Christianity, he was surprised that she was responsible for all that. "The Inquisition? Don't even raise it, I'm way ahead of you. I was mad about it before you even heard of it, that's how open-minded I am. Salem witch trials? I know! So embarrassing. Can I hang out with you anyway? You're too kind." "Religion is responsible for all the wars in history," they would say, and I'd respond, "You're so right. Don't forget imperialism, capitalism, and racism. Religion invented those problems too. You can tell that because religious people can be found at all their meetings." In this book, Daniel argues that it's time for Christians to stop apologizing and realize that how we talk about Christian community matters. With disarming candor laced with lots of humour and substance, Daniel urges open-minded people of faith to explore ways to talk about their faith journeys that are creatively progressive, thoughtful and real. Join us on Sunday, March 3, 12:15pm, for lunch and discussion. 

THE MAGIC OF OPERA: Join us for stimulating fellowship and refreshments at our next Community Café on February 26th from 10am-11:30am where we explore the Magic of Opera! This interactive presentation, in partnership with MOSAIC, will feature Mr. Marcel Deurvorst, a professor of Opera and Classical Music Appreciation course at the LIFE INSTITUTE AT RYERSON UNIVERSITY. Mr. Deurvorst will lead an interactive presentation highlighting some of opera’s most famous clips and performances. The morning will also feature a live operatic performance by a surprise guest. Please sign-up on the bulletin board in Scott Duncan Hall or let the office know if you plan to attend.

World Day of Prayer: Please join AHPC and invite your friends (women and men welcome) to attend this year's WDP service on Friday March 1st at 2:00 p.m. The host country is Slovenia with the theme, "Come Everything is Ready!" The service will take place at St. Leonard's Anglican Church, 25 Wanless Avenue, followed by a reception highlighting the foods and culture of Slovenia. For further information contact the office.

WOMEN’S RETREAT: The Women’s Retreat has officially been booked for October 25-27, 2019 in beautiful Collingwood at Blue Mountain’s Tyrolean Village! Stay tuned for further details or you can speak to Linda Grant about how you can sign-up!