SCRIPTURE READING FOR JANUARY 26: Matthew 4: 12-22; John 1: 43-50. Your ‘Vocation’ is not just your job, it’s about your whole life. How would you describe your vocation in life? Nathaniel is someone who wants to live a real life, not just do time. What can Jesus offer him? What criteria could the gospel offer for gauging whether we are living a real life and a vocation that is worthy of the life we’ve been given?

SCRIPTURE READING FOR NEXT SUNDAY: Matthew 5: 1-12. Being in control can be a good thing. But in relationships, it is a killer. Besides this, there are far too many things in life we cannot control. So what’s the alternative? Our scripture reading is known as “the beatitudes.” It’s all about finding an alternative “blessedness” to living life beyond being in control.


WHY DO WE DO IT IN WORSHIP? Prayer. Prayer is like energy. The energy flows from the whole whom we name “God” in and through us, into all the spaces, places and lives to which our compassionate intention directs it. Prayer is not magic. It’s about love. We pray because we care. We pray because we’re seeking. We pray because we’re struggling. We pray because we believe something good can happen. We pray for others and we pray for ourselves. We are seeking to draw love energy into us and through us to heal and renew, transform and ground us and others. We are seeking fullness and peace even as there is good and bad all around us. The four dimensions of prayer in our worship service (approach, confession, thanksgiving and pastoral concern) are intended to give us a range for our own prayer practice. Group prayer is also an invitation to draw on divine energy and direct it collectively. Participation and activation requires your personal attentiveness and focus as you listen. How important is prayer in your worship experience?


NEW BOARD MEMBERS WANTED: Wanted, new people to help direct Armour Heights going forward. As a member of the Board of Managers, you will be involved in the practical side of church operations; building use and maintenance, developing special projects and activities, financial planning and budgeting, and much more. The role of a Board Member is vital to the open and transparent governance of our Church and it’s darned interesting too! Please consider contributing your time and talents by serving on the Board of Managers, you will not regret it I guarantee!

See Dr. Harris, Rev. Rebecca, Murray MacCausland or any of the other Board members for details.

NEW KNITTERS WANTED: Are you a knitter? Are you someone who has always wanted to knit but has never tried? Join the Prayer Shawl Ministry Wednesday February 20th at noon. EVERYONE is welcome to knit, no experienced required! Come and join us as we knit, learn and enjoy this time of fellowship. The Prayer Shawl group meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month. Speak to Barbara Thomas for details.

HOW CAN I HELP SUPPORT COFFEE HOUR? Whether you, host, help clean-up, provide food or baking, or even consider sponsoring a coffee hour, ALL help is welcome! We invite you to consider taking part in this fellowship opportunity as an individual, family or team! The sign-up sheet for coffee hour can now be found on the sign-up board in Scott Duncan Hall. For more information on what it means to host or sponsor a coffee hour, please speak to Barbara Thomas for more information. Thank you your consideration and support!

MILK BAG COLLECTION: Thank you for your great response to the milk bag collection. We have collected 718 milk bags so far. Please place your donations in the pink box beside the food collection box in the front hall. All brands of milk bags are welcome.