February 18, 2018


NEW – SCRIPTURE FOR NEXT SUNDAY: Luke 10: 25-37. What is compassion love?

WHY DO WE DO IT IN WORSHIP? Sermon. In a Presbyterian style of worship, the sermon is critical. Everything builds up to it and everything else in worship flows from it. What goes into the writing of a sermon? There is lots of background reading, reflection on experiences and illustrations, prayerful meditation on the scriptures, creative writing and re-writing, and all this daily over a two-week period. But most important is that time set-aside, for something of God to reveal itself. What is revealed to the preacher is one thing. What is revealed to the listener is something else. God encounters each of us uniquely, as we listen and as we open ourselves to God in worship. The preacher must be listening as much as the hearer must be listening. How do you encounter God through the sermon?

NEW – SHARING THE PEACE OF CHRIST: If you feel more comfortable or safe not shaking hands due to the many colds and flues going around, feel free to simply wave, remain seated or just use your elbows. We can respect each other’s wishes and comfort level.

NEW – DISAPPOINTMENT comes in many ways. You invest in someone and you make great sacrifices, and then they take a certain direction you never imagined they would. But worse, they are taking a difficult road rather than an easy one. They are choosing to give up status, privilege, comfort, popularity, success and recognition. They are also asking you to follow. Who are we talking about? Jesus. How are the disciples going to deal with their growing disappointment? Is transformation possible so that an alternative vision for life makes what’s given up irrelevant? Come join us as we engage this theme Wednesday, February 21, 7:30pm. You can read Matthew 20-21 ahead of time if you wish.

THE BOOK OF JOY: LASTING HAPPINESS IN A CHANGING WORLD By Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama is the focus of our next book club meeting February 20, 7:30pm. The book is as beautiful to read as is the wisdom of its content. Even if you've just started it or want to know more about it, come join us. Speak to Gillian MacCausland for more info.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – February 25. We will gather after church for lunch, a review of the year that has passed and some exciting developments for the year and years to come. This is an opportunity to get to know the working of the congregation a little more, ask questions and share your thoughts. It’s all part of building vision and planning for it together. All are welcome.

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER: Armour Heights will be hosting the annual WDP service on Thursday March 1st, 1:30 p.m. This year's host country is Suriname with the theme "All God's creation is very good!" Armour Heights has participated in WDP for many years. We share the rotation of this ecumenical service with several community churches. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend to pray in solidarity with a 170 countries worldwide. All are welcome. Volunteers are required for greeting, ushering and kitchen duty. Please contact Debbie King 416-483-0400 if you are able to help out.

THE SEARCH IS ON: For an associate minister and a parish nurse. Check out our job descriptions on our website. Our AGM will include a presentation of developments and an opportunity to engage the vision behind the search. Speak to Michael Nettleton, Sharon Fisher or Dr. Harris for more info.

ADVANCE NOTICE! There will be a Rummage Sale happening on Saturday, April 28. We are now accepting items such as linens, collectibles, art, housewares, electronic items, toys, books, records, sports equipment, accessories & jewelry. Furniture (just prior to sale). No clothing, TV’s or computer equipment, please. Please call the church office to make drop off arrangements (416-485-4000). For more information please speak to David Murray or Elsie Powell.