SCRIPTURE READING FOR THIS SUNDAY: Luke 18: 35-43; Jeremiah 31: 27-34. Are there different dimensions of healing and wholeness we often miss? How can we expand our horizons and therefore experience healing and wholeness in new ways? 

SCRIPTURE READING FOR NEXT SUNDAY: Luke 18: 9-14. There is the cowardice of ego, arrogance and pride, and there is the courage of honesty, truthfulness and humility. What liberates and transforms us and what keeps us trapped in our blindness to ourselves and others?


WHY DO WE DO IT IN WORSHIP? Silence. Before we begin worship proper, after a sermon, and often within prayer time, there are moments of silence intentionally incorporated in worship. Why? Silence is intended to allow something communicated to be absorbed in us heart and soul. Silence properly used is also intended to open us up to be transparent before God, transparent to ourselves, allowing truth to penetrate us unobstructed by fear or distraction or ego. Silence allows space for inner catharsis (stripping clean), which can liberate, unburden, transform and centre us. How important are moments of silence in your worship experience?

PRESBYTERY YOUTH EVENT: Chili Cook-off & Card Games at Portland Place, Sun. Nov. 3 from 4-8pm. For all youth (12+) to gather, meet new friends, cook together, and engage with the residents of Portland Place. Permission forms available from Rev. Rebecca.

MILK BAG COLLECTION: Thank you for your great response to the milk bag collection. We have collected 219 milk bags so far. Please place your donations in the pink box beside the food collection box in the front hall. All brands of milk bags are welcome.

WOMEN’S RETREAT: Rev. Deb is going to be leading us through a creative project and discussion at the women's retreat and is asking you to email or bring to the office for us to scan photos: i) of a woman who nurtured you in your faith, ii) of yourself and iii) of someone you hope to create place in the church for. We are also in need of a couple pairs of old shoes or boots (preferably women's), that will be part of our project. Please speak to Deb or Erin for more information. For more information about the retreat itself happening October 25-27, speak to Gillian MacCausland or Linda Grant.

ADVANCE NOTICE!: Our Annual Christmas Bazaar will be held Saturday, November 16 from 10 -3. This is a very popular event in our community. It takes many volunteers to make this a very successful event.... more on this later. We are needing collectibles (not rummage sale stuff), Silent Auction items i.e. theatre, concert, sport’s tickets, cottage weekend, dining out, music lessons, paintings, silverware, new stuff, etc. We are also looking for teacups and saucers for our collectibles table. If you can help in any way please   contact the office: 416-485-4000 More details to follow 

VOLUNTEERING AT PORTLAND PLACE: Portland Place is a non-profit housing corporation and a mission of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. It provides housing the most vulnerable of our city who struggle with mental health challenges and could easily end up homeless on the street without the housing and community Portland Place provides.

Armour Heights has taken on the mission of providing a lunch twice a month. Volunteers would gather at Armour Heights at 9:30am, drive down together to Portland Place for 10am, prepare a lunch and eat with the tenants, clean up and be done by 2pm. This opportunity will provide food for body and soul for both tenants and us the volunteers. A sign-up sheet can be found in Scott Duncan Hall. Dates planned for the fall include Sept. 9 & 23, Oct. 7 & 21,  Nov. 4 & 18, Dec. 2 & 16.

HOW CAN I HELP SUPPORT COFFEE HOUR? Whether you, host, help clean-up, provide food or baking, or even consider sponsoring a coffee hour, ALL help is welcome! We invite you to consider taking part in this fellowship opportunity as an individual, family or team! The sign-up sheet for coffee hour can now be found on the sign-up board in Scott Duncan Hall. For more information on what it means to host or sponsor a coffee hour, please speak to Barbara Thomas for more information. Thank you your consideration and support!

HOW MUCH DOES ARMOUR HEIGHTS CHURCH MEAN TO YOU? Through special gifts and generous donations, we did quite well covering our budget in 2018. After the first three months of 2019, though, we’re running a shortfall of $9000 in congregational givings. How much have you thought about your givings to the church? Our automatic monthly withdrawals (PAR) program is very easy to set up and easy to adjust in terms of the amount donated each month. For individual one time donations, our website offers an easy way to do that using a credit card and with an immediate charitable receipt for tax purposes. Alternatively, the traditional cheque or cash in an envelope with an envelope number or your information also works. Speak to Erin Stone or David Murray, or email for questions or sign up.