Adult Study

At Armour Heights, we recognize that people have a spiritual hunger innate in all of us. In order to discover what can satisfy such hunger, we need to feel encouraged and free to explore, ask questions, discuss, share and learn. At Armour Heights we are committed to providing such opportunities for individual spiritual development or within group study. For more info, contact Dr. Harris here.

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS THIS FALL: What happened to early Christians in that first generation after Jesus is no longer among them in the flesh? How did they find faith, hope and love as individuals, families and communities of faith in the midst of social pressures from without and conflict from within? How can we find inspiration and wisdom through their experiences for living in our world today as Christians? Beginning September 26, 7:30pm, we embark on a journey through the biblical book “The Acts of the Apostles,” reflecting on the unique historical, cultural and political context of that era, and discovering insight for our own living here and now. Discussion is informal, and written notes are available weekly. Speak to Dr. Harris for more info.