Adult study

 At Armour Heights, we recognize that people have a spiritual hunger innate in all of us. In order to discover what can satisfy such hunger, we need to feel encouraged and free to explore, ask questions, discuss, share and learn. At Armour Heights we are committed to providing such opportunities for individual spiritual development or within group study. For more info, contact Dr. Harris here

Winter Study


It’s a part of our lives and it confronts us in every news broadcast – human suffering. We suffer losses, live with chronic conditions, carry helplessness, fear and stress about how we will cope. What difference does it make that we reach out to “God”? Are there ways to understand and engage suffering that can make a meaningful difference in our lives? The biblical book of Job raises all these questions and more, and provides some ancient wisdom powerfully relevant to human living today. From visual art, plays, novels, philosophy, psychology, music and more, Job has inspired seekers and sufferers in search of deeper answers for thousands of years. We begin a study of this book on Thursday, January 31, 10:15am-11:30am in the Friendship Room. Study Notes will also be provided and posted online. Speak to Dr. Harris for more info.