Sunday morning worship is central to the life of Armour Heights. We gather at 10:30 AM for singing, prayers, scripture, theological reflection, coffee and conversation.

Every Sunday
At Armour Heights we are constantly working toward making our worship family friendly.  We are conscious about the language we use & the music selections we make so that all ages are able to participate meaningfully.  Most weeks children are present in worship for the first part only, and then after a “Story for all ages”, they make their way to their Church School classes.  On a regular basis children and youth participate in leading worship through singing, reading scripture, ushering, acting out skits, and more.

We gather at 10:30 a.m. in the sanctuary for worship. Children ages 3 and under are welcome in the nursery and pre-kindergarten before the beginning of the service, but may remain upstairs for the children’s story.

After the announcements, there is an opening hymn and prayers. Children are then invited to gather at the front of the church for Children’s Time, a story and/or discussion with our family minister. After Children’s time, the children and their teachers proceed downstairs to their church school classrooms. Parents are welcome to walk with their children to the front of the church for Children’s Time and also to their classroom. They may then return to the sanctuary once their child feels comfortable, or remain with their child in church school class; but generally, parents remain in church for the continuation of the service and meet their child downstairs in church school when worship is finished.

Family Worship
On the first Sunday of most months we have two worship services; a 9:15am family service and a 10:30am traditional service.  The 9:15am service is a contemporary intergenerational service, with children remaining in the sanctuary for the entire time.  These worship gatherings are shorter than our traditional worship gatherings.  Worship is led by children, using contemporary music, a variety of musical instruments, drama, and more.


    Portland Place
    - Several times each year we celebrate and share with the people of Portland Place. Through karaoke, bbq's, Christmas parties, flower garden planting and more, we share in the lives of our inner-city brothers and sisters.

    Evangel Hall
    - Once or twice each year we have the opportunity to prepare and serve dinner at Evangel Hall, providing dinner for 80-100 people. It is a wonderful time of blessing for all involved.

    Prayer Shawls
    - Our Prayer Shawl ministry team provides prayer shawls for those who are ill, new babies, university students, confirmation participants, and more. It is a wonderful blessing for both those who create and those who receive these meaningful shawls.

    Senior's Lunch
    - Each month we provide lunch and a speaker for seniors who live in our community. We invite speakers to share insights on relevant health issues, particularly for seniors.

    We share in many outreach ministries during the Advent and Christmas Season including:
    - Mitten Tree: each year we collect mittens, hats, and scarves for people living in Toronto
    - Christmas Angels: we help new refugee families celebrate their first Christmas in Canada with warm clothes, food, and some special gifts.
    - YSM (Yonge Street Mission) Shoe-boxes: families load up shoe-boxes filled toys for inner-city children living in Toronto.

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