Who we are

Armour Heights is a community of faith located in the heart of North Toronto. We are a family of God who seeks to support one another, while making a difference in our lives – and our world – in the name of Jesus.

Worship is welcoming, musical and joyful! We have a thriving Children’s Church, Nursery, and Youth Ministry program.

Whether you are new to the area, new to the faith, or rediscovering your church background, we are here for you!

We have a variety of ministry teams that support the many and varied activites that take place at Armour Heights.

When you walk through the doors at Armour Heights, you are not walking through the doors of your customary Sunday morning church, rather a place that is filled with the energy of people whose primary goal is to represent the love of God.

We are a flourishing faith community, who is committed to growing in faith by sharing and loving others.

Come see for yourself what God is doing here at Armour Heights  by joining us every Sunday at 10:30am.


Our Ministry Teams

Worship & Music

The Worship and Music Team helps develop the worship program at Armour Heights Presbyterian Church, and coordinates the music activities within the congregation. The Team supports the continuity of worship services and traditions, coordinates lay involvement in worship, and ensures the form and content meets congregational needs. In addition, the Team coordinates the senior and junior choirs and other music activities.

Social Outreach

The Social Outreach Team develops and undertakes programs and projects to meet specific community needs, working in coordination with other service agencies, as appropriate. The Team also encourages individual and congregational support of Presbyterian Church undertakings, such as Presbyterians Sharing, Evangel Hall, Knox College, Boarding Homes Ministries, WMS, and others.

Welcoming & Fellowship

The Welcoming & Fellowship Team organizes greeters, ushers and counters, communicates to the congregation through newsletters, the weekly bulletin, photo directories, etc., and oversees special congregational events.

Health Ministry

Parish nursing is a ministry which emphasizes the wholeness of body, mind, and spirit, rooted in the vision of Christ as healer. The Parish Nurse, Linda Alldred-Johnson, conducts pastoral visits and private consultations with individuals. She also acts as an advisor, educator and point of reference regarding services available for people with health care needs.

Christian Education Team

The Christian Education Team develops and coordinates educational programs and projects. Core programs include church school from infancy through to high school, as well as those for youth and adult education. The Team recruits, equips and trains leaders and teachers, and monitors and assesses programs and curricula used for all educational groups.


    Portland Place
    - Several times each year we celebrate and share with the people of Portland Place. Through karaoke, bbq's, Christmas parties, flower garden planting and more, we share in the lives of our inner-city brothers and sisters.

    Evangel Hall
    - Once or twice each year we have the opportunity to prepare and serve dinner at Evangel Hall, providing dinner for 80-100 people. It is a wonderful time of blessing for all involved.

    Prayer Shawls
    - Our Prayer Shawl ministry team provides prayer shawls for those who are ill, new babies, university students, confirmation participants, and more. It is a wonderful blessing for both those who create and those who receive these meaningful shawls.

    Senior's Lunch
    - Each month we provide lunch and a speaker for seniors who live in our community. We invite speakers to share insights on relevant health issues, particularly for seniors.

    We share in many outreach ministries during the Advent and Christmas Season including:
    - Mitten Tree: each year we collect mittens, hats, and scarves for people living in Toronto
    - Christmas Angels: we help new refugee families celebrate their first Christmas in Canada with warm clothes, food, and some special gifts.
    - YSM (Yonge Street Mission) Shoe-boxes: families load up shoe-boxes filled toys for inner-city children living in Toronto.

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