Get Connected!

Why get connected?

At Armour Heights we believe that getting connected is about building relationships that get beneath the surface. Building this type of relationship does not happen by just attending one of our worship gatherings. We believe that everyone needs to be connected to God and to each other.   Below are a few ways you can get plugged in and start building life changing relationships.

Volunteering: A great way to get to know  people at Armour Heights is by serving alongside others on a regular basis. We strongly believe one of the best ways to get connected and have a greater impact is by serving others. Not only do we encourage everyone to get involved in an area of service, we welcome it.

Reach Out: The people of Armour Heights Church have a strong dedication to reaching out into our community to demonstrate the love of Jesus. We believe that love is an action word. The only way the world will experience the love of God is through our actions. We must become God’s hands extended to this hurting world.

About Us

Our Identity
We are a community of people bound together by belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. We affirm that within our congregational family people from all corners of the globe, of all ages, both male and female, are united in a common desire to experience together and share with others the vitality of our faith.

Our Purpose
Children, Youth, and Families are an important and valued part of our congregation. As a response to the promises we make at Baptism, Christian Education is a priority in our Church Community. We seek to provide opportunities for people of all ages to hear, explore and respond to the stories of faith in a number of meaningful ways.

Our Vision
We accept that as a people gifted by God’s grace we have special responsibilities. We will use our many resources to ensure that the varied needs of our people are met at all stages of life’s journey. We will eagerly project ourselves, both in our home community and in our city, as a focal point for spirituality, fellowship and caregiving. We will support the work of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, as it touches our country and the world. We will invite the community to share the good fortune of our fine facilities.

Our Commitment
We know that when our vision is kept bright, everything is possible. As God’s people, we undertake to be biblically knowledgeable, faithful, innovative and committed in pursuit of our goals.


    Portland Place
    - Several times each year we celebrate and share with the people of Portland Place. Through karaoke, bbq's, Christmas parties, flower garden planting and more, we share in the lives of our inner-city brothers and sisters.

    Evangel Hall
    - Once or twice each year we have the opportunity to prepare and serve dinner at Evangel Hall, providing dinner for 80-100 people. It is a wonderful time of blessing for all involved.

    Prayer Shawls
    - Our Prayer Shawl ministry team provides prayer shawls for those who are ill, new babies, university students, confirmation participants, and more. It is a wonderful blessing for both those who create and those who receive these meaningful shawls.

    Senior's Lunch
    - Each month we provide lunch and a speaker for seniors who live in our community. We invite speakers to share insights on relevant health issues, particularly for seniors.

    We share in many outreach ministries during the Advent and Christmas Season including:
    - Mitten Tree: each year we collect mittens, hats, and scarves for people living in Toronto
    - Christmas Angels: we help new refugee families celebrate their first Christmas in Canada with warm clothes, food, and some special gifts.
    - YSM (Yonge Street Mission) Shoe-boxes: families load up shoe-boxes filled toys for inner-city children living in Toronto.

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