December 10, 2017

NEW – SCRIPTURE FOR NEXT SUNDAY:  Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2  tell the story of the birth of Jesus. Next Sunday the story will be the focus of our Christmas Pageant. 0    

NEW – WHY DO WE DO IT IN WORSHIP?  Time of silent prayer and silent meditation after the sermon.  In a world full of noise, noise out there and noise in our own minds, what a gift to be called into a moment of silence. But silence is not a vacuum. It is focused. The intent with silent prayer is to ask the ground of being whom we call God to prepare us in however we need inner preparation, to receive something personal and life-giving as we worship. The intent with silent meditation is to open ourselves to be shaped and transformed in our personal lives by a word God may be speaking to us after the scripture readings and sermon. How important is silence in your worship experience?     

NEW – CHRISTMAS is not just about us. It’s about the world around us too. How can we really internalize the meaning of Christmas this year as we ponder the troubles of our world and, maybe, the troubles in our own lives too? Our Christmas Solace Service (Wednesday, December 20, 7:30pm) offers a beautiful liturgy of crafted prayers, music and meditation to help us expand internally our compassionate presence with others in our world and those close to us for whom Christmas may be difficult this year. It is also a service for those of us for whom Christmas celebration will be challenging in some way this year. Plan to join us. 

NEW – CHRISTMAS ANGELS WRAPPING: On Monday December 11th at 11:30am we invite volunteers to assist in wrapping gifts received for Christmas Angels in Scott Duncan Hall after the exercise class. We also welcome any gift wrap supplies you may wish to donate. Thank you!


REVISED – CHRISTMAS POINSETTIAS: thank you to everyone who purchased poinsettias last Sunday. These will be used to take to housebound members and also to adorn the sanctuary for the Christmas services. We have a few more left for purchase.......the cost is $9 per plant. See Elsie Powell or Ricki Anglin in the Scott Duncan Hall following worship service. Thank you.

MITTEN TREE: Mittens, hats, scarves… all are essential for the outdoors as winter approaches. But many on the streets of our city or with limited means are ill-equipped. We will be receiving donations until December 10th or so. Please bring in your donations and place them around our Christmas tree in the sanctuary.   

DONATE ONLINE: Visit our website,, click the “MAKE A DONATION” button, and provide your credit card info. Receipts will be available to you electronically.   

WE NEED SCRIPTURE READERS!: If you would like to be a reader some Sunday please sign up on the sheet by the front table in the sanctuary.